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Our Jesus Years

8 Apr

So why hasn’t our 33rd year gone mainstream? (And why can’t Gross Domestic Happiness replace Gross Domestic Product?)

Banksy Bethlahem Jerusalem Jesus Year

It’s turned into an obligation to do something significant in one’s 33rd year of life. Though Christ may have been crucified and saved all humanity in his 33rd year, those who closely follow a Jesus Year are not necessarily religious. In fact, the opposite is often true. (PHOTO BY CHRIS KOENTGES)

Heaven is a place on earth where you/Tell me all the things you want to do.

—Lana Del Ray, Video Games 

Jenny Sundel, 34-years-old, arrived in New York last week to attend her brother’s wedding. She spent the previous year in Paris, eating macrons and posting hipstamatic images to a Tumblr blog. Depending how you like to measure such things, Sundel, who is Jewish and a former Hollywood entertainment reporter, had just completed the most significant Jesus Year in the history of humankind. Continue reading